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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Photographs prove you have lived."
- unknown

So, you know how Facebook is turning into Pinterest as of late?  The other day I became not-so-annoyed when I saw an image with the following:  "A birth certificate proves you were born, a death certificate proves you died. . . Photographs prove you have lived."  

And that, my friends, is why I am loving lifestyle sessions.  It's anything but posey, sometimes not-so-pretty and sometimes downright crazy, but it's LIFE.  They aren't cute "baby in a basket" sessions; they're timeless images that show the real YOU.   Images that you/your kids will show, and then pass onto, your grandchildren.  These sessions have been becoming more popular lately and, at least in my experience, it's photographers who are scheduling them the most!   (We know what's up.)

Farrah is a fantastic local photographer (cue nervousness from THIS photog!) and wanted some "day-in-the life of" images upon having her second son, Grayson.  I stopped by their house one morning a few weeks ago and, well, I'll let the images below do the rest of the talking.  

Oh, and I hope you like black & white!  (My blog, I do what I want!)  ;)

(I couldn't keep that hair in black & white!)