Kaislee, 1 day

Friday, February 27, 2015

I'll be the first one to admit that when I photograph a new type of session, it becomes my new favorite and I say I never want to photograph anything else!   So I suppose it doesn't surprise me that newborn hospital sessions have won me over. . . and quickly; little K's session below is only my second hospital session (but thankfully, many more are coming!).  There is just something so wonderful about being invited into a quiet hospital room and observing a peaceful, happy family.  Being able to photograph new life is truly humbling.

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- jennie

Alex, 1 day

Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh, hello blog!  Fancy seeing you here for the first time in a year.  :/  Besides staying suuuuuuper organized and keeping up on all of my paperwork, another big goal of mine this year is blogging (again) and get this place looking like a real website.  If you or anyone you know is interested in helping, I'd love to hear from you!  jenniedphoto at gmail dot com

Now, onto more important stuff, like newborn baby Alex!  Alex's mom, Lisa, invited me into their hospital room just a day after Alex's birth to capture some real life moments between their family.  I loved this so much.  So much that I teared up many times during editing.  Thankfully, there were quite a few that made me laugh out loud to help offset the over-emotion.


And then, my personal favorites:

Preston, age 4

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh, Preston.  Most four year-olds pretty funny, but YOU, you're HILARIOUS.  If your future doesn't include acting, I'll be mighty surprised.

Um, are you KIDDING me with that look, Kid?!  That one above definitely ranks way up there on my favorites list.  WHOA.

Towards the end of the session, there really wasn't much left to do than DANCE.  Our pick?  "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly, one of Preston's and my personal favorites.  Judge away; we have no shame!

Happy birthday, Preston!  What a joy and an honor it has been photographing for you the last three & a half years!  Your mom & I have already started planning your senior pictures and I can't WAIT to see what a great young man you become.

"Miss Jennie"

Matt, Emily & Ryleigh

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Seriously, my friends make THE cutest kids.  I know, you're probably thinking, "Well, of course she's biased."  I don't think I am.  The proof is in the pudding, people!

This shoot was meant to be only of Ryleigh, but I was able to talk Mom & Dad into joining in.  You see, Emily "didn't have make-up on and her hair wasn't done."  Matt "needed a hair cut and was just wearing a t-shirt."  Here's the deal:  Not only are they going to be glad they jumped in these pictures right now, but Ryleigh is the one who will really treasure these.

Also?  I actually super love their laid-back, "undone" style; much more natural.

Her expressions.  I just can't deal!

I can't wait to see Ryleigh in another six months, when she'll be even MORE full of personality, I'm guessing!

Thanks, Matt & Em!