Joey, Lisa, Elaine, Sammy & Vince | Omaha Family Photographer

Monday, May 20, 2013
Joey & Lisa were referred to me by some really great people, Mike & Mollee and Mike & Anna.   I owe these two couples a HUGE, public "thank you."  They refer so many wonderful, laid-back people my way and Joey & Lisa were no exception.

Joey & Lisa are parents to Elaine, a sweet-as-pie little girl; Sammy, a definite free spirit; and Vince, one of the cutest little hunks I've ever seen.  It's apparent how much Joey & Lisa love their children and each other.  And the way Lisa laughs out loud, without reservation, is heart-warming.

I met this fam at Ditmars Orchard, just as the peach trees were beginning to bloom.  If you're ever looking for a great family day in the Omaha metro, Ditmars is perfect.  The owners are incredibly welcoming (Lyle is with a group of attorneys my mom works for and is who gave me the heads-up about the blooming peach trees); there is a myriad of fruit trees (apples, peaches, cherries); strawberry fields (forever!); tractor rides; playground for the children; picnic tables; hot air balloon festivals; and they even have their very own wine.  You're not going to go wrong with this location attraction.