Sean, Lindsey & Baby Keane | Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I first met Lindsey (in person; we've been creepy internet friends for years) last Spring when I suckered her into joining us Bingo Studios girls in our new space.  Lindsey is a great photographer and we're grateful we found someone who meshed with the rest of the group so well.

Being a photographer herself, she values pictures. . . big time.  I first photographed them last September for their "announcement" pictures.

Since then, we Bingo girls have all had more turns taking their photos.  Christine took maternity & newborn pictures in the hospital; Niki took formal newborn images; and then, because I think Lindsey felt bad for me, she asked me to do lifestyle images at their home a few weeks after Keane was born.  ;)

Introducing Keane (for like the 5th time)!