The Big News!

Friday, May 11, 2012

When I began taking pictures "on the side," "for fun," "for friends" a little over two years ago, I never fathomed I would be where I am today.  I mean, NEVER.  I am so, incredibly thankful for everyone who has brought me to this place.  I'm not sure how much longer I can continue to ride this gravy train*, but let's just say I gotta chug on for at least a little over three more years.


The 1500 square-foot, naturally-lit studio is located within the historic Mastercraft Building in downtown Omaha.  Originally built in 1941 as a furniture factory, it is now comprised of start-ups and creative companies and I am so excited to be among some of Omaha's most talented.  To read more about the building, visit

(A commons area)

(The "uplighting" in the studio - lots of beautiful light!)

And, oh my goodness, I forget to tell you all the BEST part:  I'm not going on this crazy adventure alone!
  I have joined two, insanely-talented photographers, who are quickly becoming great friends:  Niki Manning & Christine McGuigan.

 (They're, clearly, very busy -- and WAY more stylish than I!  Hopefully they'll teach me a thing or 2!)  
(They're also gonna kill me!)

Truly, they're wonderful people and I couldn't feel more blessed 
to have them in my corner as we take this on.

Look for us opening the studio in July 2012 with a kick-ass (sorry, Mom!) open house to follow!

- jennie

*I do not actually feel as if my business is a "gravy train."  Next to my family, it's my heart & soul.