Kayla & Jeremy | Omaha Engagement Photographer

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I have known Kayla's aunt, Jamie, for quite some time.  (She's another creepy internet friend - - dang, it's a miracle I haven't been offed yet!)  We became fast friends once we met in person, bonding over our love for Olive Garden's soup, salad & breadsticks and wine.  Jamie's great; she's the type of person who will do anything for you, like get you business cards in, oh, 45 minutes because you've procrastinated for weeks and have a networking event in 2 hours.

Last Fall, I finally got to meet Jamie's whole family for a portrait session at the studio and this included meeting her niece, Kayla, and her fiancé, Jeremy.   After leaving, Jamie called and told me Kayla just HAD to have me for her & Jeremy's engagement session.  I wasn't sayin' no; I don't get enough of these!

I am so, so glad they chose me.  We had a TON of fun.  Past the fun, though, I was able to see that Kayla and Jeremy are much like their aunt; good, genuine, do-anything-for-anyone kind of people.  And boy, do they LOVE each other.

Ditmars Orchard, once again, provided the perfect backdrop for their sunset session.

Joey, Lisa, Elaine, Sammy & Vince | Omaha Family Photographer

Monday, May 20, 2013
Joey & Lisa were referred to me by some really great people, Mike & Mollee and Mike & Anna.   I owe these two couples a HUGE, public "thank you."  They refer so many wonderful, laid-back people my way and Joey & Lisa were no exception.

Joey & Lisa are parents to Elaine, a sweet-as-pie little girl; Sammy, a definite free spirit; and Vince, one of the cutest little hunks I've ever seen.  It's apparent how much Joey & Lisa love their children and each other.  And the way Lisa laughs out loud, without reservation, is heart-warming.

I met this fam at Ditmars Orchard, just as the peach trees were beginning to bloom.  If you're ever looking for a great family day in the Omaha metro, Ditmars is perfect.  The owners are incredibly welcoming (Lyle is with a group of attorneys my mom works for and is who gave me the heads-up about the blooming peach trees); there is a myriad of fruit trees (apples, peaches, cherries); strawberry fields (forever!); tractor rides; playground for the children; picnic tables; hot air balloon festivals; and they even have their very own wine.  You're not going to go wrong with this location attraction.


Sean, Lindsey & Baby Keane | Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I first met Lindsey (in person; we've been creepy internet friends for years) last Spring when I suckered her into joining us Bingo Studios girls in our new space.  Lindsey is a great photographer and we're grateful we found someone who meshed with the rest of the group so well.

Being a photographer herself, she values pictures. . . big time.  I first photographed them last September for their "announcement" pictures.

Since then, we Bingo girls have all had more turns taking their photos.  Christine took maternity & newborn pictures in the hospital; Niki took formal newborn images; and then, because I think Lindsey felt bad for me, she asked me to do lifestyle images at their home a few weeks after Keane was born.  ;)

Introducing Keane (for like the 5th time)!

Welcome home, Grayson | Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Photographs prove you have lived."
- unknown

So, you know how Facebook is turning into Pinterest as of late?  The other day I became not-so-annoyed when I saw an image with the following:  "A birth certificate proves you were born, a death certificate proves you died. . . Photographs prove you have lived."  

And that, my friends, is why I am loving lifestyle sessions.  It's anything but posey, sometimes not-so-pretty and sometimes downright crazy, but it's LIFE.  They aren't cute "baby in a basket" sessions; they're timeless images that show the real YOU.   Images that you/your kids will show, and then pass onto, your grandchildren.  These sessions have been becoming more popular lately and, at least in my experience, it's photographers who are scheduling them the most!   (We know what's up.)

Farrah is a fantastic local photographer (cue nervousness from THIS photog!) and wanted some "day-in-the life of" images upon having her second son, Grayson.  I stopped by their house one morning a few weeks ago and, well, I'll let the images below do the rest of the talking.  

Oh, and I hope you like black & white!  (My blog, I do what I want!)  ;)

(I couldn't keep that hair in black & white!)