Adam, Myra, Jack & Baby Girl

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Adam & Myra are a hard couple to forget.  I was incredibly lucky enough to be chosen as their wedding photographer a little over two years ago.  You might remember this:

As magical as their wedding was, what's even better is they have now begun their family, first with little Jack, and now they're awaiting their [sure to be beautiful] Baby Girl.

For the most part, I, pretty much, forced them into this session.  (What can I say?  They really are such an awesome family!)  Mama Myra had adorable visions of Little Jack snuggling up on her belly, but let's face it, and as I've said before, the best laid plans often go astray.  Jack was a tired little boy upon his arrival and promptly fell asleep:

This gave Mama & I plenty of time to photograph her alone.  And you know what she said?  She's not photogenic.  Let's just take a 'lil look-see and I'll let you form your own opinions on THAT:

Then we brought Adam, Baby Daddy, and one of my oldest friends, into the photos and, well, these ought to speak for themselves.  Enjoy!

Gosh, it's really too bad they take such *terrible* photos!  ;)

Congratulations, Adam & Myra (and Jack)!  May you continued to be blessed.

Cheers and lots 'o love,


Zach said...

Great job on this session! Looks great!

Nicki said...

Holy WOW, these are some GORGEOUS photos! Mom is beautiful and most definitely photogenic!! The black and whites are my favorites, especially the one of their heads together in the middle of the post. You rocked this maternity session! Awesome awesome job Jennie!

Laura said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the one close-up with 'everybody' - that should definitely go in baby girl's room. :-)

Bobbi said...

1. your processing is so money! 2. You NAILED focus on every single shot. 3. I know this post isn't about their wedding but AYKM with those dancing shots?! 4. I love how snuggly Jack is in all of the images. 5. Myra, you were pregnancy beautifully! 6. High fives Jennie. :)

Molly said...

This is an incredibly beautiful family! And Myra doesn't know what she's talking about—hello, gorgeous! My absolute favorite image is the first one of all three (four!) of them, with hands and arms jumbled around momma's belly. So perfect; it should be a big canvas. And I love the one of Jack asleep. :) Great job, Jennie!

maike rinaye said...

Oh my gosh!... the first one of Mom, Dad and the belly is my FAVORITE!!!! I LOVE it, (and hope some day I'll get a gorgeous portrait like that of myself :)

Unknown said...

OH my goodness.. these images made my heart skip a beat. The last few... with the little guy snuggled up with mom and dad and his baby sibling in mommy's belly... all tangled together? LOVE. And the ones with mom and dad alone are so beautiful. fantastic job! you worked magic with a tired little guy! And mom is SOOOO photogenic and beautiful!

Nichole said...

These photos are so full of love! They will treasure these forever. Amazing!

Jacqie said...

Very gorgeous mama. What a sweet family. Such pretty black and whites as well!

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