Christine + Matt

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"And please say to me  
You'll let me hold your hand."

Meet the McGuigans, both insanely talented artists.  Christine is a fabulous photographer (and one of my studio partners!) and Matt is a musician, who travels the country on the regular with the bands Moses Prey, Yesterday & Today and Rave On.  (I may have missed one or two there.)

When Christine asked me to do a little love session with her & Matt, I was very excited.

Then the day came.  And I started freaking out.  Photographing photographers makes me shake in my sandals like nothing else. 

I kept thinking, "I HAVE to pull this off for her; I hope I'm able to give her what she wants."

Christine + Matt pulled up to the studio, cooler in hand and cracked me open a beer (obviously they know I accept bribes).  I asked Matt if he was excited for the shoot, fully expecting to respond like 97% of male clients do, but he said, "Yeah, I really am!" 

That's when I knew we were going to have a good shoot.

It also helped that C+M are total naturals and totally in love - - and have the same sick sense of humor.  So, I wish I could say I was the reason for these images, but I didn't do much.  They're awesome.

Happy anniversary, you two little lovers!


Miss Manning said...

WOW, Jennie.....these totally and completely ROCK! Soooo insanely jealous bc my hubby would be in that 97%! LOL! GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

great job!!!!

jennied said...

Thanks Niki & Tammy!

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